Accelerate Your Growth With Cognitive Automation

Our enterprise software uses cognitive computing (AI) to automate complex workflows so that your team can focus on stuff that matters.
Automate workflows based on natural language with 98% accuracy.
With Coseer, repetitive, tedious, tasks that took days, now take milliseconds.
Our AI Products train just for you to get 98% accurate answers. Our products automate workflows based on:
Configure to your or customers' specific business needs.
We understand that your needs are like no other, and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for you.
We configure Coseer to emulate your best performers, and for the nuances specific to your workflow.
Our AI Solutions team and/ or our Partners work with your IT systems for complete configuration and seamless integration.
Get immediate results, without bothering to annotate training data.
Your time and resources are precious: we ask for very little of either.
Our products, based on Calibrated Quantum Mesh, trains without any annotated data, and very little of unannotated data.
Our products deliver high accuracy within days. We then work with you to get dependable results weeks.
Be assured about complete data security just like your firewall.
We offer many secure options to deploy Coseer over private cloud or VPC. We don't retain any access to your confidential data.
Coseer Solutions
"Imagine what you can achieve if you had a team of 1,000 interns."
We design bespoke solutions to fit your needs. We build upon our Products and capabilites, like extracting structured knowledge from unstructured data. Our solutions train without annotated data to deliver within 4-12 weeks, and achieve 98% acccuracy. We use custom APIs to work with your systems.
Coseer Products
Natural Language Search
Our enterprise search product automates workflows with your actionable knowledge, irrespective of its source, format or representation.
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Our cognitive intelligence product keeps enterprise teams updated real time with perosnalized insights from web, social media and internal sources.
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Classification/ Redaction
Our self-learning AI software uses cognitive computing to eliminate the threat of data leaks and cybersecurity breaches in day-to-day activities.
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