Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Using AI For Human Language

Our enterprise AI understands human language to automate text based tasks. What took days of human effort takes seconds with cognitive computing.
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A $10b+ American pharma company uses cognitive computing to bring life saving drugs faster to market at lower cost.
A $40b+ European financial institution manages contracts with unprecedented speed, simplicity and attention to detail.
What took days or weeks of human effort takes milliseconds with our cognitive solutions.
Answer questions based on ideas like humans do. White Paper
Synthesize concepts and data into templates. White Paper
Extract structured knowledge from free text. White Paper
Redact or classify sensitive information. White Paper
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Configure to your needs
Coseer configures to your exact requirements and trains for your corpus, so that it can add to your competitive advantage. More
Important Coseer Modules (Image)
Industry-specific Use Cases (Resource)
Train without labeled data
Coseer trains without tagged data to deploy very fast at a disruptive ROI. You do not need SMEs or Data Scientists to deploy Coseer. More
Training without Annotation (Article)
CQM vs Deep Learning (Blog)
Get complete data security
Coseer deploys in private clouds to ensure complete data security and privacy. We work exclusively to sharpen your competitive advantage. More
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Every feature of our technology is designed for your data security.
Choose deployment options in private cloud, VPC or public cloud.
Seal data-flow in and out of a single-tenant Coseer system.
Audit every decision and assumption with the appropriate chain of evidence.