Automate Language Based Decisions With Tactical Cognitive Computing
Coseer brings advanced AI and NLP sciences to day-to-day decisions made on natural language or unstructured data. Our tactical cognitive computing technology automates repetitive workflows with 95%+ accuracy, and deploys within 4-12 weeks.
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How to Sell Better Using Coseer?
Organizations invest significantly in leader of their sales team. However their ideas and strategies are not easily translated to sales performance. We present a solution to take the subjectivity out of equation and enable your entire sales team to perform as good as your best operator - their leader.
It is a use case where tactical cognitive computing fares much better than traditional AI technologies given the fragmentation and the need to customize. Read the blog to learn more.
Industries Using Coseer
Tactical Cognitive Computing
Cognitive computing should be a tactical tool used by VPs/ Directors instead of strategic tool used by a CEO or BU Head.
Accurate Solutions
High customization and specific training to emulate workflows with 95-98% accuracy.
Accelerated Training
Transparent design without any blackboxes for deployment in 4-12 weeks.
Accessible Structure
Flexible config over regular hardware for relevance to large/small problems.
Coseer Products
Coseer has a suite of tactical cognitive computing softwares that train for each customer/ applicaton within 4‑12 weeks to achieve 95‑98% accuracy. These products, or a combination of them can closely emulate any language driven workflow in enterprises, and automate it.
Interact with a corpus of knowledge through a friendly interface like chatbot or intuitive mobile app.
Infer and analyze information hidden in a single document or millions of them.
Extract customized insights for each customer or executive from a large number of documents.
Manage and analyze codified/ tabular data from disparate sources to prepare for advanced analytics.
Identify, redact and stop sensitive information before it leaves enterprise firewall.
How Coseer Works?
Imagine what you could achieve if you suddenly had 1,000 smart interns in your team.
Identify a repetitive, language driven workflow with tedious manual steps.
Customize a Coseer Product or products to emulate the workflow.
Train on your own data to achieve 95%+ accuracy.
Deploy on-premise, in your cloud, or on our cloud within 4-12 weeks.
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