Automate Language Based Workflows Using Tactical Cognitive Computing
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Coseer was named as the Best Cognitive Computing Company for 2017 by CIO Review, a leading Silicon Valley trade publication. The publication features Coseer and IBM Watson exclusively on its cover page, terming the startup as Cognitive Computing Accurists.
If knowledge management is an item on your team’s to do list, you are already behind, and will have to play catch-up. The next generation enterprises are going to collaborate on a different dimension altogether.
Our CEO shares a personal perspective - "Sales has this reputation of making snake oil look like the elixir of life. Truth is, of all the roles I have played in my professional life, Sales has pushed me the most to be a better person."
Industries Using Coseer
Tactical Cognitive Computing
Cognitive computing should be a tactical tool used by VPs/ Directors.
95-98% Accuracy
Deployed in 4-12 Weeks
Priced for varying scale
Are you truly being creative?
We build tactical cognitive computing technology that handles the boring stuff so that humans can focus on creativity and judgment.
Our enterprise software completes large, complex workflows just like a team of humans, but within an instant.
Our products can be specifically configured and trained for your problem.
Process millions of inputs to deliver actionable insights on a single page. Case Examples
Expose knowledge in your documents via a personalized interface like a chatbot. Case Examples
Answer specific questions or look for specific information from any source. Case Examples
Utilize a combination of capabilities to automate any language driven workflow. Case Examples
Coseer Products
DocSeer captures and processes all ideas contained in your document. It enables natural interaction with these ideas through personalized interfaces like a chatbot or natural language search.
DocSeer enables bespoke, complex models based on ideas and is the primary engine for intelligent process automation.
LongSeer identifies actionable insights from millions of inputs. These insights are personalized to each user, prioritized in each context and delivered as per personal preferences.
LongSeer's output could be bullet point updates, scorecareds, or one page summaries, depending on your needs.
InfoSeer brings structure to any natural language or unstructured text. It can answer specific questions or look for specific information from any source. InfoSeer extracts following types of knowledge:
  • Data like names or numbers
  • Attributes and their values
  • Definitions and relationships
  • Sentiment, features, or synonyms
RedSeer identifies sensitive information to redact and stop it from leaving enterprise firewall.
RedSeer implements security policies that are completely flexible. RedSeer is available as part of a solution, as a stand alone application, or as applications on popular platforms.
CodeSeer applies tactical cognitive computing to large structured datasets. It is a foundational product used by other Coseer products as well as our clients.
CodeSeer is able to merge data from multiple sources without any metadata; or identify advanced, counter-intuitive patterns and insights.
Coseer Solutions
All Coseer products seamlessly work with each other to create bespoke solutions specific to your problem. Our solutions configure and train one at a time for the highest accuracy.
We work with you to integrate our solutions with your IT infrastructure. For clients sensitive to data security, we offer highest standards, and can also deploy the solutions within your firewalls.
Getting Started
Imagine what you could achieve if you suddenly had 1,000 smart interns in your team.
Identify a repetitive, language driven workflow with tedious manual steps.
Customize a Coseer Product or products to emulate the workflow.
Train on your own data to achieve 95%+ accuracy.
Deploy on-premise, in your cloud, or on our cloud within 4-12 weeks.
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