Accelerating Customer Response with Natural Language Search

A $4B tech giant's ticket deflection soared to 64% from 11% with Coseer, saving $400 and three days per ticket.

Gather Superior Business Intelligence as Things Evolve Real Time

A $40B company with a fragmented portfolio relies on Coseer for critical intelligence reports based on 10,000+ documents daily.

Procure Smartly and Cost-Effectively Using Natural Language Search

The procurement team at a multibillion dollar giant reduced costs by 20% when deploying Coseer for monitoring contract compliance.

Work with Actuatebots: Next-gen Intelligent Assistants

Coseer enabled engineers at an Oil and Gas giant to interact directly with a complex SOP which improved results and saved their valuable time.

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Coseer delivers 2X ROI in the first year.

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Build Powerful Solutions Using Coseer

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Building internal/ external reports

Structured knowledge management

Real time Intelligence

GDPR/ other Compliance

Scorecard based Classification

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