Unleash Your Knowledge
Using Artificial Intelligence

Our enterprise AI solutions find and act on elusive knowledge locked up in natural language text from documents, databases, online, and beyond, so that your team can focus on what matters - creativity and innovation.
What took weeks or months of human effort takes milliseconds with our cognitive solutions.
Coseer’s AI makes computers understand human language. We use this ability to find actionable knowledge no matter where it is hidden.
Our ActuateBot solutions take this knowledge and integrate with existing IT systems to automate complex workflow. Now your team can act on these insights immediately.
Answers just like a human
Get answers as if a human read everything to find the best insights.
Coseer’s AI configures to your exact workflow and trains to give 95-98% accurate results.
Trains without pain
Train using docs, web, databases and other formats with no data annotation.
Coseer’s AI trains with unannotated free-form data, and deploys within 4-12 weeks.
Gets the job done
Answer questions, auto-fill forms, summarize, send emails, trigger requests or do something else.
Coseer's solutions integrate with other IT systems to complete tasks, once, or a million times.
Is Secure and Transparent
Keep data secure in your firewall and log every decision for regulatory compliance or full transparency.
Coseer deploys in private clouds, and uses no blackboxes so that it can log evidence for every decision.
What is Natural Language Search?
Natural Language Search (NLS) is an AI based technology, which can understand whatever is written in documents, web, databases, tables and other sources of knowledge, just like humans.
Unlike the clunky search tools that rely on keywords, NLS understands the intent behind a user’s question. It then returns the specific knowledge, not just the document.
What are ActuateBots?
Coseer’s NLS solutions can easily integrate with other IT systems. We don’t only answer your question, we figure out why you are asking that question and complete the task.
What can we use NLS and ActuateBot for?
We use our technology to automate or accelerate complex workflows at enterprises and government agencies.
  • Answer questions based on ideas like humans do.
  • Synthesize concepts and data into templates.
  • Extract structured knowledge from free text.
  • Understand all insights from customer feedback.
  • Redact or classify sensitive information.
How can we get started with Coseer?
We encourage our clients to setup a demo with us. We will also use that session to understand your cognitive needs better.
Our partners can additionally access a Privileged Resource Center, which has further information about various use cases, engagement models and industry applications.
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