Automate Complex Workflows Using Tactical Cognitive Computing
Our enterprise software completes repetitive, intelligent workflows just like a team of humans, while you focus on tasks that need your creativity and judgment.
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Coseer has begun to write software for a machine brain that comes closer to emulating human thoughts compared to any other technology. It starts with some simple ideas but the results are already very promising."
Coseer was named as the Best Cognitive Computing Company for 2017 by CIO Review, a leading Silicon Valley trade publication. The publication features Coseer and IBM Watson exclusively on its cover page, terming the startup as Cognitive Computing Accurists.
If knowledge management is an item on your team’s to do list, you are already behind, and will have to play catch-up. The next generation enterprises are going to collaborate on a different dimension altogether.
Know More
Coseer does the legwork for you to make better decisions. Our LongSeer product reads every tome or tweet that is relevant to one-page summaries, scorecards or profiles.
Example - Using Coseer a brokerage firm now can read 3 million documents everyday to generate actionable insights for its investors.
Respond Faster
Coseer answers your and your customers' questions instantly. Our DocSeer product interactively locates relevant knowledge from one or million documents.
Example - Using Coseer a conglomerate can now make all their Standard Operating Procedures available via chatbots.
Respond Faster
Get More Done
Coseer enables you to setup workflows without humans. Our InfoSeer product automatically reads through documents to find relevant data that can be put into tables.
Example - Using Coseer a consulting firm can now automatically redact sensitive info from 1,000s of documents to protect clients.
Configure To Your Needs
Coseer configures to your needs. Our products interact seamlessly to model any complex workflow. We train specifically to your context for 95-98% accuracy.
Example - Using Coseer a manufacturing major can now completely automate the procurement function.
Configure To Your Needs
Tactical Cognitive Computing
Cognitive computing should be a tactical tool used by VPs/ Directors.
We build tactical cognitive computing technology that handles the boring stuff so that humans can focus on creativity and judgment. Our products can be specifically configured and trained for your problem.
95-98% Accuracy
Deployed in 4-12 Weeks
Priced for varying scale
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