Expensive data preparation is a thing of the past.

With Coseer's Point-and-Shoot AI, simply point at the data you are interested in, and watch the insights roll in.

How does Point-and-Shoot work?

We have developed Coseer's AI specifically to be able to process human language. Key breakthroughs in technology let Coseer learn from documents just as a human would, without any data tagging or annotation.

We have built Coseer to understand files in all formats, resulting in an easy to use search tool with lightning fast deployment, and 95%+ accuracy in just 4-12 weeks.

How is it different?

Coseer uses a technology called Calibrated Quantum Mesh (CQM). Unlike Deep Learning, CQM does not require annotated or tagged data to learn. That CQM learns directly from unstructured text or images, and many things become possible - 95%+ accuracy, 100% security and 4-12 week deployment time.


AI has never been easier.

Just Point and Shoot.

Coseer's Natural Language Search puts your data to work. No preparation/ annotation/ tagging is needed to achieve 95%+ accuracy, full transparency or 100% security.

Point And Shoot Get It Right Keep It Safe