Our cognitive intelligence product keeps enterprise teams updated real time with personalized insights from web, social media and internal sources.
Keep Your Team Ahead with Real Time, Actionable Knowledge
Longseer works on the principle of actionability. It reads through all available information, just as a human would, to find the most actionable or important knowledge.
Longseer supports two modes:
  • Avant Insights Mode gives real time actionable updates
  • Seer Mode gives a comprehensive synopsis on any topic of interest
Configure Intelligence Flow for Your Specific Needs
Longseer lets each client specify actionability criteria, and classifies and sorts each insight as per those criteria.
Longseer creates a differentiated, actionable perspective unique to each client. It trains for each client and can be configured for sources, actionability criteria, and other factors.
Separate Knowledge from Fake News
Longseer automatically classifies all available information in different tiers of reliability based on the source of information, tone of the language (speculative vs assertive), author, tense and many other such factors (Cognitive Calibration).
1. Request LongSeer Access Code
Launching a standard Longseer instance is a very easy step by step process. Start with requesting your unique instance ID.
Longseer can also be configured to your workflows, data pipes and interfaces.
Contact us if you need a bespoke, secure instance of Longseer running in your own cloud, or to learn more. Setup a Meeting
2.Enter Your Topics of Interest
3.Upload/ Enter Contextual Data
4.Enter Actionability Tiers
5.Configure Longseer
6.Launch Training API
7.Run Longseer
To sample an existing instance of Longseer, just click below. This is shareable section of an instance of Longseer that was developed for customers of a brokerage.
See Actionability Model
Sample Actionability Model
The table describes actionability model for a client. We can easily configure and train such models for your needs.
Actionable Insights may lead to actions like a trade, a price change or a call.
Salient Insights may change outlook like stock rating or product positioning.
Development Insights inform on other developments related to the topic.
Knowledge Insights inform provide additional context for other insights.