It's not talent or budget that's holding up enterprise adoption of AI.

It's concern over data privacy and security. With Coseer's Point and Shoot AI, all your data stays safe behind your firewall.

How does Coseer Keep it Safe?

Coseer configures to your needs without compromising security. It deploys over your private cloud or on-premise infrastructure ensuring that not a single byte ever leaves your firewall. This is also true for any models trained on your data. Regardless of where you decide to store your data, Coseer is up to the latest enterprise security standards. Everything is safe.

How is it different?

The same design philosophy that delivers 95%+ accuracy enables Coseer's uniquely secure and explainable AI. Coseer uses Calibrated Quantum Mesh, which is specifically designed to train on discrete sets of unstructured data. We will never use your data to train something that could be used to help your competitors.

Also, unlike deep learning, Coseer's AI makes decisions based on the context stored in the CQM. It's not a black box AI; each decision point is logged for total transparency and explainability.

Point And Shoot Get It Right Keep It Safe