Natural Language Search for Faster Drug Development

Scientists at a $20B+ pharma giant used Coseer to accelerate drug development by 8X.


Preparing for KASA: Structured Knowledge Management in Pharma

Getting KASA-compliant will put you ahead of the curve. It will also make your drug submission process simpler, more transparent, and lead to faster FDA approvals.

Optimize Clinical Trial Processes Using AI and Natural Language Search

Coseer is partnering with leaders in pharma to reimagine clinical trials. Data is getting cleaner, but you have more sources to manage. Let Coseer do the heavy-lifting.

Streamline Drug Safety Monitoring with Accelerated Pharmacovigilance

Pharma giants employ 250+ scientists for Adverse Events Compliance. Coseer sifts through millions of documents to extract key data from reports without lifting a finger.

Our customers have been in your shoes.

Coseer delivers 2X ROI in the first year.

Only 1 in 5000 drugs make it to market. Coseer accelerates R&D and beats a homegrown solution by 2x in ROI. Tap on the model below.


Build Powerful Solutions Using Coseer

You search only to get something done. Hover to see how Coseer's NLS enables your workflows.

Building internal/ external reports

Structured knowledge management

Real time Intelligence

GDPR/ other Compliance

Scorecard based Classification

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