Automatically Identify and Redact Sensitive Information

Our self-learning AI software uses cognitive computing to eliminate the threat of data leaks and cybersecurity breaches in day-to-day government activities.
Reliable performance without manual entry
Coseer learns to identify sensitive information by itself, without any patterns, ontologies or lists, and without relying on individual perspectives.
Impeccable data security
We offer many secure options to deploy Coseer over private cloud or secure environments like AWS GovCloud or Azure. We don't retain any access to confidential live data.
Seamless integration
Coseer's APIs can be configured to work with most IT systems. It processes all data types including PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, HTML and standard email formats.
Complete Cybersecurity Solution
Coseer can be installed as a sentry on various communication channels to stop leaks of sensitive information.
Standalone app for redaction
On email servers as a Sentry
Sanitizer for downloads
Sentry for upload on chats
Coseer: The Cognitive Computing Accurists
Government: The promise land of AI is in…redaction?
Coseer's IPA for Accesible Data at GSA Hackathon
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