Any enterprise AI solution must be more reliable than a human team.

When workflows depend on accurate answers delivered quickly, Coseer’s AI-based solution is the answer.

How does Coseer work?

Coseer’s AI understands language just like humans do. Context included. How is this possible? The AI takes enterprise data in whatever form (text, images, data bases) and extracts the information. Once extracted, it creates something called a Calibrated Quantum Mesh. CQM is similar to a mind map in that the words and concepts within become multi-dimensional. Each word takes on meaning and depth that is missing from simple keyword search. You add the finishing touches, but Coseer trains itself, which means many iterations are possible in a short time. This approach delivers 95-98% accuracy in just weeks.

How is it different?

Coseer’s point-and-shoot capability is about usability, but that’s not the only benefit. With fast deployment and an easy to use interface, users get answers right away. This drives more traffic to the Al, which learns from every interaction. Deep learning, another Al paradigm, can reach similar accuracy — but it takes months or years, and the training process is painful.

Other systems claiming up to 98% accuracy achieved only up to 70-80% when tested against real-world data. Compared with both, Coseer comes out on top achieving 95+% accuracy on real-world data sets, within just 4-12 weeks.

The virtuous cycle of AI drives adoption.

Accurate systems reward the user, driving more traffic to the Al system, which trains it, in turn making the system more accurate. This is the virtuous cycle of AI.

Solution accuracy is just one piece of the puzzle. Users must trust the AI. This means that AI must deliver accurate and explainable solutions with every decision point logged, 100% security, and complete transparency. In other words: Coseer.

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