Use AI to process knowledge hiding in texts and formats

Coseer enables financial modelling like never before. Our highly specific natural language search extracts the signals you need from all the noise.
The Next Generation of Knowledge Management is not about Structured Data
Right knowledge at the right time is the life blood of financial institutions. Coseer enables them to seamlessly integrate all knowledge hiding in natural texts or varied formats. Welcome to Knowledge Management 4.0.
Building Blocks of Knowledge Management 4.0
Natural Language Search
Knowledge Management 4.0 finds the right answers just like a human would.
Upload your own documents to see the value of even an untrained NLS model.
Knowledge Management 4.0 helps understand issues and keeps updated.
Follow real time actionable market insights from up to 3m docs per day.
Client Confidentiality is supreme to Knowledge Management 4.0.
Try out a core feature of Coseer NLS - Redact something of your own.
Natural Language Search by Coseer is available in a self-serve format.