Our enterprise search product automates workflows with your actionable knowledge, irrespective of its source, format or representation.
Search based on Meaning and Intent, not Keywords
Docseer returns actionable answers as if a person read through everything, understood your question and then found the specific information that answers it. Docseer does not depend on keywords, semantics or document structures.
Get Knowledge to Work for you in All Formats, for All Workflows
Docseer deals with underlying knowledge rather than documents. Similarly, Docseer easily extends to images, tables, databases or knowledge captured in other formats.
Docseer can be configured to automate workflows specific to each client.
Train Without Human Annotated Data, Use Secondary Sources
Training Docseer does not need any pre-annotated training data. Our clients do not spend on expensive Subject Matter Experts, which can at times become prohibitively expensive.
Docseer gets a high accuracy by learning from:
  • The knowledge that Docseer searches over
  • Secondary, context specific documents or web-pages
  • Optional information input by human experts
Get Started Immediately With Minimal Time Commitment
Complete Docseer implementation takes only 4-12 weeks, with minimal time commitment from client teams. Docseer can work over a single document e.g. for chatbots on Standard Operating Procedures, to finding insights from 10 million articles.
1. Request Docseer Access Code
Launching a standard Docseer instance is a very easy step by step process. Start with requesting your unique instance ID.
Docseer can also be configured to your workflows, data pipes and interfaces.
Contact us if you need a bespoke, secure instance of Docseer running in your own cloud, or to learn more. Setup a Meeting
2.Upload Search Corpus
3.Upload/ Enter Contextual Data (Optional)
4.Upload Known Questions and Answers (Optional)
5.Configure Docseer
6.Launch Training APIs
7.Run Docseer