Knowledge Management 4.0 with Natural Language Search

A Big Four firm used Coseer to accelerate insight sharing from 3 months to just days, while manual overhead vanished.

Identify Trends as They Emerge in Real Time

Stay up to date, no matter where you are. Coseer tracks actionable insight live from over three million documents per day in this wealth management demo.

Redact Sensitive Information Effortlesly for Client Confidentiality

Robust client confidentiality controls are vital to industry-leading consulting, especially with renewed regulatory focus e.g. with GDPR and CCPA.

Accelerate Complex M&A Using Natural Language Search

M&A insight is only valuable if it arrives on time. With Coseer, M&A teams get high-level summaries as well as granular insights immediately.

Our customers have been in your shoes.

Is Your Organization Up to Par?

Next-gen knowledge management isn't a luxury; it's critical for survival in Industry 4.0. Join 100+ executives and find out where you are.


Build Powerful Solutions Using Coseer

You search only to get something done. Hover to see how Coseer's NLS enables your workflows.

Building internal/ external reports

Structured knowledge management

Real time Intelligence

GDPR/ other Compliance

Scorecard based Classification

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