Wherever you are on this planet, we want you for an adventure like no other.

As we grow we are hiring in all walks of our business. As long as you are smart and hungry, we want your help in our ambition.

Our Values
Find a disruptive approach to everything we do.
Strive to win admiration of every one we deal with.
Always maintain a strong forward action bias.
Accommodate each team member's individual needs.
About Coseer
What do you do?
We are building AI technology that can completely understand human language. On a scale of 10 we are probably at three or four. It means that the tech can do a lot of wonderful things, but there is a lot still to be done.
At current state of art our enterprise AI solutions find and act on elusive knowledge from natural language texts in documents, web, databases or other sources, so that our customers can focus on what matters - creativity and innovation.
Are you a products company or a services company?
We are a technology company. So far multiple products are based on this technology. Natural language search and ActuateBots are prominent among them. Our partners and select major customers also work with us in developing new applications of our technology.
Is your technology based on Deep Learning?
No. We have learnt the hard way that in the real world Deep Learning does not work for unstructured use cases. We use our own alogrithm called Calibrated Quantum Mesh that is showing great results. We are publishing at academic conferences and filing for patents.
How much money have you raised?
We are funded by our customers. They provide funds, their expertize as well as their data, without which no AI company can develop. We are working with Fortune 500 companies in US, UK and Europe. Our smallest customer has revenue of four billion dollars.
Why have you adopted a remote working culture?
We think our remote working culture is one of our competitive advantages as far as talent goes. We are able to attract the best minds all across the world; we make it very easy for them to work with Coseer; and we make them more productive. In today's connected world, many studies out of Harvard and Stanford are increasingly advocating the concept. Our first hand experience tells us this is disruptive!
Open Roles
Senior Developer
(Member of Technical Staff)
Senior Developer
(Member of Technical Staff)
This role is for women only.
Head of Sales
(Member of Client Staff)
If you are not ready to apply, that is okay. You can ask the founders and senior members of the team directly on what makes them tick.