How to replace the discontinued google search appliance?
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How to replace the discontinued google search appliance?


The Google Search Appliance was discontinued as of March 2019. It was a hardware-based appliance that allowed organizations to run their own Google Search service and perform search and indexing tasks without going through Google's servers.

In this article we will look at some of the competitors and alternatives to the Google Search Appliance.

Best Google Search Appliance (discontinued) Alternatives for Small Businesses


Elasticsearch is an enterprise search tool from Elastic in Mountain View, California.


Yext, the company that offers a suite of products that aim to organize a business’s facts so it can provide official answers to consumer questions, says it can improve search experience on their websites and across the entire search ecosystem. Yext can help businesses respond to consumer questions on their website and across the entire search ecosystem.

Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an open-source enterprise search server. Solr is the most commonly used enterprise search platform available today, it is fast and very scalable. If you want to use Solr, then you need to download the Solr binaries, install them on your machine and configure them following a proper installation guide


Algolia in San Francisco, California offers enterprise search as a service.

Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is enterprise search as a service, from Amazon Web Services.

Azure Cognitive Search (formerly Azure Search) is enterprise search as a service, from Microsoft.

Apache Nutch

Apache Nutch is another popular open source crawler, which can be used as a replacement for GSA. It is extremely fast, scalable and extensible via plugins.

Sphinx is a full text search engine library written in C++ and its main advantage over other open source search engines is that it does not use a database like others so it does not require any database management system.

This makes it ideal for small-scale projects because you can use any existing database as a backend storage. Another advantage is that it comes with its own web server (sphinxsearchd) so you don't need another web server like apache or nginx etc


Xapian is an Open Source Search Engine Library written in C++, it supports full text indexing as well as boolean queries and it also supports range searching with wildcards.