How AI-based Summarizing Tools Can Help to Write a Blog Summary?


A summary is one of the best ways to summarize the content of a blog post. A blogger can write a summary to attract more readers and to present the main points or topics of a blog post.

A summary can be described as a part, piece, or version of an article that is reduced in size without loss of meaning. It is sometimes used for entertainment purposes and it can also be used for different types of communication.

Summaries can be prepared in different ways such as manually or automatically using tools. In this article, we will discuss the way in which automatic tools can help you to write a summary for your blog posts.

Definition of a summary:

A summary is a condensed version of an article or piece of writing which includes only the important and relevant information from the original piece and excludes any detail which is not relevant. Summaries are sometimes created when one wants to present a complete story but they do not have enough time or space to do so.

Summaries are also very useful when one wants to reduce a text with many details into a short one so that it can be read faster and more easily. Furthermore, summaries are also very useful when one wants to simply present some information that they already know; they use summaries to share this information with others in the simplest way possible.

A summary can be created manually by reducing the content of an article into short sentences and paragraphs or automatically using a tool called an extractor. An extractor can be described as software that contains automatic summarising algorithms which can extract important parts from any text and put them together into one small text.

Extracting texts can also be done manually by recording only the important parts from an original text but still keeping the details that are necessary for understanding what has been said in it.

What should be the purpose of writing a blog summary?

There are several reasons for writing a blog summary instead of just writing about all the details on your own:

Most of the time, the readers do not have enough time to read the entire post and in this case, they can use a summary to get the main points or topics of your post.

The most important things or points of your post should be highlighted and presented to the readers.

A summary can also be created if you want to present some information that you already know. In this case, you can share this information with others in the simplest way possible.

Ways to write blog summaries:

After doing some research on how to write blog summaries, I found that there are two ways in which a blogger can prepare a summary for their posts: manually and automatically using tools.

Manual writing:

In this method, a blogger will first read an article and then summarize it manually by reducing its content into short sentences and paragraphs. That means that all the details of an article are not removed from a summary written using this method.

This method is normally used when one does not have any access to automatic summarising tools or if they want to write a summary that contains more information than an automatic tool can provide.

Using the online tool:

In this method, a blogger will use an automatic summarising tool to prepare a summary instead of writing it by hand.

Automatic summarising tools can help bloggers who do not have enough time to write a summary because they only need to copy and paste their full article into the tool's text box and then select whether they want their summary to use simple sentences or complete sentences so that it will be easier for them to understand their content.

The online summarising tool will extract all the important points from their article and put them together into one small text without losing anything from their original post.

There are several online tools that can be used for summarising articles such as: "Summify", "Coseer summarizing tool”, "Summarize Bot", "Resoomer", etc.

For example, if you want to write a summary for your blog post that is related to blogging, you can type your blog post into Coseer summarizing tool's text box and choose "English" as your language along with selecting whether you want your summary to be in short sentences or complete sentences; your summary will be ready within few seconds.

How To Write A Blog Summary Using Automated Tools?

Nowadays, many bloggers use the most advanced and powerful tool for writing summaries which is the "Coseer summarizing tool". The following are some detailed steps that need to be taken into consideration in order to write a summary using this tool:

In order to write a summary using the Coseer summarizing tool, you need to first copy and paste your original article into the text box of the tool. Then click on the "Create Summary" button and it will automatically create a summary for your post. You can also choose whether you want your summary to be in short sentences or complete sentences by clicking on the "Output Slider” respectively.

After writing your article's summary, you should check it very carefully in order to make sure that all of the main points of your post are included in it. When you finish checking your summary and adding more details if necessary.

It is true that there are other automatic summarizing tools apart from Coseer summarizing tool but I have selected Coseer summarizing tool because it is one of the best ones and I believe that anyone who writes summaries for their posts should consider using it because it will save them a lot of time and effort as compared to when they use other tools.